Saturday, January 1, 2011


this is me and my best friend kailey.  i figured i should talk about her because she influences almost everything i do.  i honestly think i would have exploded from my emotions by now without her.  she gives the best advice, and i can talk to her about anything.  don't get me wrong, i love all my friends, but i can only talk to certain friends about certain things.  i can talk to kailey about anything.  like, literally, anything.  as you can imagine, she's the first to hear about anything new in my life.  she's also perfect.  you know the type, tall, gorgeous, smart, sings and acts, so much fun, just perfect.  but she's not obnoxious perfect.  usually girls like that are, and piss me off.  i think kailey doesn't annoy me, because she has personality.  she's not perfect and boring, but perfect and interesting.  and sometimes a little ditzy...but i love her anyway.  suffice it to say, if someone is to understand me, they need to understand my best friend.  or at least understand how my best friend influences me.  make sense? 


Kailey said...

Whoah! I did'nt see this coming. Flattered doesnt cover it. I LOVE YOU KELSEY BRIAN

Kelsey Brian said...

YAY! love you too!